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DawgBlog: Meet Hugo

Image of Hugo taking a nap

In late November / early December of 2019, Toronto Animal Services held a photo contest on Instagram, giving away DawgTags to some lucky owners. It received the highest number of entries they've had for a single contest, topping well over 7,000 entries throughout the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend!

One winner was Alison and her dog Hugo.

Image of Hugo the dog looking dapper

What made Hugo stand out was A) how cute the lil guy is, and B) he was adopted C) he has such a great home with Alison and her family, adopting him from Toronto Animal Services in the spring of 2019. And we’re so happy that he found such a great home!

Although we don’t know for sure, Alison thinks that Hugo is a mix between Tibetan Spaniel and Pomeranian.

Image of Hugo the dog asleep

I asked Alison what Hugo was doing to keep busy this summer...

One thing that has changed with more of us at home right now: Hugo is spending more time burning the midnight oil and taking some serious afternoon naps to catch up on some Zzzzz’s.

He has a new appreciation for video games and can often be found watching his brother’s playing Xbox...

Hugo the dog looks next door

...and he is mastering his skills at stalking the animal living under our neighbours porch.

Thanks to Alison, her family and of course, Hugo!

You can find him on his Instagram page: @Hugo_the_dog21 

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