The Stainless Steel DawgTag

Our new Brushed Steel DawgTags are our toughest tags to date. With premium... 

  • Built tough.

    Made of electroplated stainless steel, DawgTags are made tough to handle the rigorous adventures of your dog!

  • Elegant finishes.

    Dress your dog up with style and stand out among other tags, with mirror polished or brushed tags in black or silver.

  • Permanent text.

    Don't worry about faded text! We laser mark our tags, leaving highly detailed and permanent text on all our tags.

  • Guaranteed for life.

    Rest easy with our no-nonsense guarantee, covering any damage that may unexpectedly occur!

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Three Tags in One.

DawgTag is the only tag that helps owners consolidate al 3 forms of essential dog ID onto a single designer tag.

Meet the 3 vital ID tags that can be consolidated by a single DawgTag One tag:

  • Licence Tag

    Registering for a dog licence in your municipality does more than you'd think. Obviously, it's one of the primary tools that your local animal services team uses to trace lost pets back to their registered owners. But licence registration fees are also the primary source of funding to care for all animals in municipal care.

  • Vet / Vaccination Tag

    Besides the fact that no one really wants rabies (i.e. the tag that shows up to date vaccination info), ensuring that a dog's ID tag includes vet clinic's information is critical in the event of an injury. As the front-line of emergency care, their access to a dog's medical history could drastically increase positive outcomes.

  • Name & Owner Tag

    Well, we all want to know who's being a good dog, right?? While that's true, the most basic information on a dog tag (in addition to their name) will be the owner's emergency contact information. Ensuring that this info is correct and the most effective way to reach someone in the household is the easiest solve to most situations.

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