Home again: DawgTag is back!

Home again: DawgTag is back!

Well hello.

It's been a minute since we've chatted.

We've spent the past while going deep, refining and revamping everything from top to bottom.

Our commitment is still dog safety and style, but as it t urns out, old dogs can learn new tricks.

To our loyal, long time customers: Your feedback and support have been the catalyst for our innovation. There’s something special headed to your inbox.

What’s Fresh at DawgTag?

Website: Our new website isn’t just faster and easier to navigate; it's a total makeover. Less clicking, more finding.

DawgTag One: Meet the all-in-one tag that’s cutting through the clutter. The DawgTag One is the epitome of what modern ID tags should be—functional, durable, and indisputably stylish.

AR and 3D Preview: Check out our new tech feature where you can preview tags on your dog virtually before you buy. It's all about making sure you're as confident in your choice as we are in our product.

Enhanced Production: We’ve upgraded our tech to craft tags with unparalleled precision. Your best friend deserves the best, right down to their accessories.

Expanded Product Line: For the humans, we've got new apparel perfect for those dog walks. For the pups, fresh leashes, collars, and bowls are on the lineup. Keep your eyes peeled; there's more to come.

      Step Into the New DawgTag Era

      We’re excited to share these updates with you—not because we want to sell, but because we believe in making a genuine difference in your and your dog's lives. Dive into the new DawgTag experience, sign up for our newsletter for the latest updates, and follow us on social to catch all the action.

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