Our Founding Story

It all began in 2018 during a routine walk in a bustling downtown Toronto dog park, where we noticed that every dog had a different set of tags—no two dogs were the same.

This disparity sparked curiosity and led to a deep dive into what essential information a dog tag should carry.

The conclusion was startling: while most tags opted for cutesy designs, they often missed essential details like the owner’s name, emergency contact, license information, and vaccination details.

Recognizing that most dogs carried two of these crucial IDs at most, we wanted to design a single, stylish tag that could carry all necessary information and still look good… good enough that even a person might want to wear it!

The Mission Takes Shape

Research revealed that only 25% of dogs were properly licensed, and funds from licensing were crucial to helping animal services rescue and care for lost animals. This led to an innovative idea: what if DawgTag could simplify the process by combining licensing and stylish, comprehensive ID tags into one easy transaction?

After countless hours spent learning about materials, durability, the nuances of laser engraving, and even navigating city hall to amend a bylaw, DawgTag was born. Our partnership with Toronto Animal Services allowed us to issue licenses directly, making it easier for dog owners to comply with local laws while ensuring their pets' safety.

The COVID Years

The onset of COVID-19 saw a spike in dog adoptions, and DawgTag became a popular choice for new pet owners looking for a convenient, all-in-one solution. However, as the pandemic eased and dog ownership normalized, we realized the need to focus even more on quality and user experience.

Our website’s innovative ‘try it on’ feature lets you preview your DawgTag on your pet, while our real-time visual tag customizer and unwavering commitment to product excellence ensure that every DawgTag not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Today and Tomorrow

With the perfecting of our product and the launch of DawgTag One—a true 3-in-1 solution for dog identification—we are excited to be a bit closer to our vision of providing a total identification solution that is as practical as it is stylish.

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