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Dog Names We Like: George Michael

As a huge fan of Arrested Development, as soon as I saw a tag with the name George Michael, I think of Michael Cera (alma matter of Markham's Unionville High). I had to know more, so I reached out to George Michael's owner, Martha O'Neill.

Her answer was unexpected, and hit me in the face like WHAM!

Pic of our fave pic this week - George Michael von WhamBluth

My dad first suggested the name “George” but I thought hey, how about “George Michael”?! My husband and daughter were on board, but my 19-yr-old son who said only if it’s George Michael from “Arrested Development”. I said “why can’t it be both?” – so when people ask, I say his full name is “George Michael von WhamBluth”. My son is not impressed… but what can you do?

Image of our favourite dog name this week - George Michael von WhamBluth

George Michael Bluth

George Michael Wham

It comes as no surprise that Martha has a comedy album called "Fine Big Girl". Stream or download it from anywhere you download or stream.

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Well then wake me up before you go go, now we know know!

Thanks Martha!

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