Celebrity Dogs Wearing DawgTags: Vol 2 - DawgTag

Celebrity Dogs Wearing DawgTags: Vol 2

It’s time for another installment of Celebrity Dogs Wearing DawgTags!

This week we look at not only celebrity dogs (although, usually it’s the owner that’s the celebrity), but also the celebrity people wearing DawgTags! Will this be a trend that catches on?? Who knows. Here we go.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter wearing a DawgTag

Seems like a pretty obvious reason why someone that calls themselves 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' would wear a DawgTag around his neck...

Because reaching for his ID every time someone says 'there's no way you call yourself Dog the Bounty Hunter. Prove it.", the just flashes the 'owner's contact'  side of his DawgTag, which clearly shows his name, and Beth's contact info. 


Buck Bundy


Buck Bundy wears a DawgTag

A dog's life ain't easy. As a high school football star myself, I too having scored  4 'touchdowns' in a single game, know the the swarms   . a fact that  you for a fact that it is tough to be in the public eye all day, constantly surrounded by a swarm of recruiters across the country.  is take care of people - and even our best needed Buck Bundy - orbiting around would need a pair of DawgTags.

It can't be easy to always follow get lost in the swarm of orbiters and aggressive recruiters that come with the notoriety of high school athletics. 

At first its all "come work at our shoe store, pets are totally allowed in the mall". As a warning, they are not.  

Eddie from Fraiser

Eddie from Fraser wears a DawgTag

Eddie's rocking the Perfectly Pink DawgTag - and I thought it'd be much better suited on Niles. 


DiCaprio’s Dog

Leo Decaprio's dog wears a DawgTag

Got nothing really to say here, but Leo, toy shouldn't have done the movie with the bear. 


Triumph the Comic Dog  wears a DawgTag

Snoop Dogg’s First Album

Snoop Dogg's Album cover if it had a DawgTag on it

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg if he had a DawgTag

well the 
Xibit likes to say DawgTag

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