Celebrity Dogs Wearing DawgTags: Volume 1 - DawgTag

Celebrity Dogs Wearing DawgTags: Volume 1

No pictures, please!

The puppy paparazzi is out in full force, and you'll never believe who's wearing* DawgTag!

Check out some totally real** pics of celebs and their favourite DawgTags!

Brian Griffin

Brian Griffen wearing a DawgTag

Family Guy co-star Brian Griffin is rocking a pair of Jet Black DawgTags!

Even though Brian is able to speak, drive and apparently date human women, he still rocks his DawgTags.

Looking sharp Brian!

Joe Biden

Joe Biden and a dog wearing a DawgTag

Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden is seen here with a poofy pooch wearing a pair of Perfectly Pink DawgTags!

Paris and Tinkerbell

Paris holding her dog Tinkerbell wearing a DawgTag

Well well well it's Paris and Tinkerbell also rocking a pair of Pink DawgTags!

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd and his dog wearing a DawgTag

We all know Paul from his performances in roles such as 'Pheobe's boyfriend' on Friends and 'Guy Gerricault' on Reno 911. But it looks like he has at least one hit, choosing the blue Toronto Dog single tag for his prized pooch!

Don't screw up Ghostbusters 3, Paul!

101 Dalmatians

All 101 Dalmatians wear DawgTag

Who needs investors when you have customers like Cruella De Vil?? When she ordered 101 DawgTags, we were surprised to see that she wanted to engrave 'Fur Coat' on all her DawgTags.

We ended up putting Mickey Mouse down as the emergency contact. After she paid for 101 DawgTags of course.


*By "wearing", we mean "photoshopped".

**By "real", we mean "fake".

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