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DawgTag - Black: Pair of Tags

DawgTag - Black: Pair of Tags

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The essential canine streetwear  ID tag

This pair of black tags is a set of 2 (two), with three (3) sides of customized text (4 lines each), optimized for a complete set of ID!

A complete set of ID includes the following info, but each field is a freeform text field, and can be tailored to include microchip or other info:

Side 1: Name & Owner Contact Info: 4 Lines of text

  1. Your dog's name;
  2. Your (owner's) name;
  3. Call to action message (freeform text field), such as 'If Lost Call'; 
  4. A contact phone number

Side 2: Municipal Licence Info (suggested use): 4 Lines of freeform text

  1. City/Town Name;
  2. 'My Licence Number Is' / explainer text line;
  3. Licence number;
  4. Municipal animal services contact number

Side 3: Vet/Vaccination info: 4 Lines of freeform text

  1. Vaccination type & year;
  2. Rabies Tag ID #;
  3. Vet clinic Name
  4. Vet clinic contact number

We include tag accessories right out of the gate:

  • A hoop to attach to any dog collar;
  • Organic silicone 'silencers' that protects the outer edge of the tag, and reduces jingle!

Made for a dog's life: 

  • Built Tough: Made from electroplated stainless steel, our tags are built for any weather, terrain or roughhousing you can throw at it;
  • Text that doesn’t fade: We laser-mark our tags - meaning we don't engrave them;
    • Why? Because engraving opens up the possibility of rust and corrosion, even on stainless steel, while laser-marking alters the colour of the steel
  • Guaranteed: Our DawgTag Guarantee covers any issue from wear or damage on the tags and accessories... Forever.  

    Tag Specs


    • Electroplated stainless steel
    • Size: 1.5" x

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