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DawgTag Brushed Steel: Pair of Tags

DawgTag Brushed Steel: Pair of Tags

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Simplify, consolidate and customize your dog's multiple ID tags, and keep them safe and stylish with this pair of stainless steel DawgTags.

DawgTag is the only dog tag on the planet specifically-designed to consolidate the 3 essential pieces of ID that gives lost dogs the best chance of returning home: an emergency contact name and number, municipal licence number and vet/vaccination details.

Even as great as microchips are, they take time and equipment to read, and if; you've ever lost your dog, you know that when you're in red-alert mode, every minute counts.

So make sure your dog has the right ID gear to get them home as soon as possible, no matter who their rescuer might be – animal services, vet clinic, neighbor or friendly stranger.

  • This includes two tags with three sides of customizable text, collar clasp accessories and your choice of either organic latex silencers (to eliminate tag jingle) or clear bubble dome finishing to look extra sharp;
  • Even clearer text that won't wear or scratch off over time or biting - even when hammered with a nail! We upgraded our laser and tweaked settings for weeks (really) to get the crispest, cleanest text possible on its matte grey finish.
  • Made of tough stainless steel, highly resilient to corrosion and just about anything else you can throw at it;
  • Our worry-free lifetime guarantee covers tag damage and text wear, as well as 18 months of free replacement collar clasp accessories


- Stainless steel tag

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