If you’re a Toronto resident, you can register a new dog licence, issued on a Toronto Dog DawgTag – all right here, all in one spot. 

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If you live outside Toronto, check out the DawgTag Originals Collection - our flagship collection!

  • Registrations are still processed through, and part of the City of Toronto / Toronto Animal Services licence database
  • Licences are issued on limited edition 'I am a Toronto Dog' tags;
  • Available as a single tag (just licence tag), or pair with 2 additional sides to customize;  
  • Choose from one of 4 colours & includes a premium clasp

Did you know?

Only 25% of dogs in the City of Toronto have a valid dog license. This means that there are over 200,000 unregistered dogs on our already crowded streets. With more downtown development comes more people and their pups, and unfortunately there will be more unregistered dogs if the current trend keeps up.

Why does this matter?

Resources. Resources to care for lost or stray animals, resources to get them home.

100% of your pet licensing fees go directly to help the more than 6,000 dogs (and cats) sent to shelters – each year. This goes to:

  • Food, shelter and spay/neuter of animals in shelters
  • 24/7 emergency animal rescue services
  • Returning lost pets to their homes
  • Veterinary services to animals in our care
  • Rescuing sick, injured and/or distressed domestic animals and wildlife
  • Spay/neuter programs
  • Adopting pets to new families
  • Investigating animal care issues
  • Keeping neighbourhoods safe for people and pets

If you're an animal lover, licensing your dog (or cat) isn't just a licence for your dog – it's a licence for all dogs (and cats...).

*Licences processed though dawgtag.ca / mydawgtag.com include a DawgTag purchase. Licences without a DawgTag (a plain, stamped tag - not too cool if you ask us!) can be registered though Toronto Animal Services directly. DawgTag does not mark up license registration fees at all and can be verified directly though Toronto Animal Services website. The allocated license fees are passed directly to Toronto Animal Services.

Currently, new licences registrations are available to owners/dogs residing in the City of Toronto.

DawgTag tags are available to anyone.  

We’re always looking for more opportunities to make a difference, so please contact us if you would like DawgTag in your city or town.

DawgTag is not owned or operated by the City of Toronto, but we’re a proud partner of our hometown, and even prouder of our country (In fact, DawgTag’s anniversary is Canada Day).


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