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The DawgTag Streets Collection is available in 4 colours: Jet Black, Gun Metal Grey, Your Boy Blue, Perfectly Pink.

Along with your DawgTag(s), we include a premium clasp kit and attach to your dog’s collar.

1. Select the Tag Size that best suits your dog.

2. Select the Number of Tags you’ll need.

A single tag has one customizable tag face – the back of ‘Tag 1’.

A set of tags has up to three customizable tag faces – the back of ‘Tag 1’ and both sides of ‘Tag 2’.

3. Enter info to be customized by checking the ‘Yes, I need this’ box. If you’re going with one tag, we’d suggest the owner contact info as it has broadest reach.

Photo upload option: We’re a super high tech operation here, so if you would rather take a photo of the tags you’d like to make better with DawgTag (instead of entering the text manually), our sophisticated internal OCR technology will transcribe your photo data into text, saving you the trouble of typing. Don’t worry, we’ll confirm everything with you before we actually etch anything.

No problem, we won’t etch your tags till you actually approve the sample image, so if you aren’t sure about something, type ‘BYPASS’ in the fields you aren’t sure about, and we’ll reach out to you for the missing info.

After we receive your order, we will send you a sample image to show you how your tag information will look on the tag itself. This is to make sure we’ve captured everything and this is laid out perfectly.

Once you approve this, we laser etch your tag, then once again check it for quality and legibility.

If there are any errors or something does not look right, we’ll work with you to get it right.

Generally speaking, you will receive your tags within 2 weeks of placing your order.

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