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FAQ: Covid-19

I’ve seen talk about Coronavirus in canines. Is it the same?

As best we know, Corona Virus is a class of viruses and COVID-19 is not the same Corona Virus that dogs are currently susceptible to. Speak to your vet for more info.

Can my dog get it?

As best we know, so far, there has not been evidence that dogs can transmit COVID-19 to humans. Again, speak to your vet.

FAQ: General 

What’s the difference between ‘DawgTag’ tags and ‘Toronto Dog’ tags?

DawgTag tags are designed to upgrade and consolidate any of your dogs tags. There are no limits to how you what you want to personalize them! 

Our Toronto Dog line is made specifically for dogs registering a new licence, or consolidating an existing licence tag.

FAQ: Customizing your DawgTag

How do I add a tag to cart? I don’t see a button!

This question mainly pops up with new licence registrations. The ’add to cart’ button appears when both the required fields (indicated with an *) have been filled out, and the checkboxes at the bottom of each of the 4 sections (register / owner / licence / vet) have been checked. Once completed, you’ll be able to add to cart. This is to make sure we’ve got all the info required for licence registration.

All other tags have at least one checkbox at the bottom of each section. Keep an eye out!

What if i don’t fill in some fields?

If it’s a required field indicated with an (*) asterisk (new licences), you’ll have to fill it out to proceed.

If it’s an open text field (as almost all are), the text will show up on the tag as shown. So if you only have one line of text on the bottom, that’s how it’ll come out. If you have less than 4 lines, you might want to consider using the middle 2 text fields, so the text is centred.

How do I customize my order?

1. Select the DawgTag type, size & colour that best suits your dog. A single tag has one customizable tag face – the back of ‘Tag 1’. A set of tags has up to three customizable tag faces – the back of ‘Tag 1’ and both sides of ‘Tag 2’.

2. Click on the ’’Customize your DawgTag’ button on the product page of the tag you want. Its the orange one.

3. Enter info to be customized by using your keyboard!

Then you checkout!

If that does not answer your question entirely, contact us here.

I’ve placed my order. Now what?

After we receive your order, we prepare it for laser etching. We are currently only in production on Wednesdays (fastest turnaround is if you order on a Tuesday!).

After etching, we ensure all the text is correct, the parts are included, and it looks great. Tags etched on Wednesdays will ship by the following Monday at the latest (typically on the Thursday or Friday).

You’ll receive an email when your tag is shipped! We encourage using Xpresspost – we offer a $5 flat rate (about 50% off) as shipping times currently vary.

If there are any errors or something does not look right, we’ll work with you to get it right.

How long does it take

NOTE: Canada Post shipping times are longer than normal across all service levels.

Generally speaking, you will receive your tags within 2 weeks of placing your order (see the previous question), however it may vary depending on your choice of shipping. Need it fast? Let us know and we’ll try to help.

FAQ: The Tags

Are DawgTags available in various sizes?

Yes and no. Our standard tag size is what was previously the small tag. We have a limited number of tags previously know as our large and medium tags. If you need a larger tag, please contact us directly.

What is included with my tags?

Along with your DawgTag(s), we include a premium clasp to help easily attach DawgTag to your dog’s collar, as well as a spare ring.

We are including rubber silencers free of charge until May 30th (more to come).

If a clasp, ring or silencer is damaged or needs a replacement, we provide accessory replacements at no charge for 18 months.

FAQ: Licencing

What’s this all about?

DawgTag and the City of Toronto / Toronto Animal Services have partnered to let Toronto residents register for a new dog licence and have it issued on a DawgTag, all in one transaction.

This is the first partnership, and service, of its kind anywhere (that we’ve found).

With support of Toronto Animal Services, DawgTag submitted by-law amendments, found a city Councillor to support the amendments, have it passed through City Hall and finally undergo a rigorous privacy and security evaluation to make this happen. We’d love to take this to another municipality - let us know if you want DawgTag Licences in your area!

Are your Toronto dog licences legit?

Yes, City of Toronto licences are made possible through a true partnership with the City of Toronto & Toronto Animal Services. DawgTag is the only organization that can register (and soon, renew) dog licences online, outside of the Toronto Animal Services website.

When I buy a New Licence tag, am I now registered with the City of Toronto? Is this the same as registering on the city’s website?

Registration is done with the City, but you get a nicer tag :)

We issue a licence number that will be engraved on your tag, so while your tag is being produced, the City of Toronto / Toronto Animal Services processes your licence registration. They also will follow up with a receipt and some additional info/paperwork in the mail.

Will the licence number be on this tag?

Correction... it’ll be on a DawgTag. DawgTag will issue new licence numbers for new registrations. For existing Toronto dog licence tags, you add in your licence number (6 digits), and we put it on a Toronto tag!

Why only Toronto licences?

DawgTag has worked with Toronto Animal Services extensively to offer this service, to the point of amending a law (bylaw) to ensure the safety, security and compliance of this for dogs and dog owners. Unfortunately, every municipality operates independently, so we are expanding, but it will take time. If you want to propose your municipality work with us, please contact us and we’ll look into what we can do in your area.

What does an ‘Existing Licence’ mean?

This is if you already have a licence number. We will add your licence number to your tag, however it does not include City registration or renewal licencing fees. Just the tags.

Hey DawgTag, FAQ, you didn’t answer my question.

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