Posted on by DawgTag Staff

Production has been delayed for orders between mid-late October-now (Nov 3). All outstanding orders should be shipping by Thursday, November 5th at the latest.  


We've improved our clear 'bubble domes' to make them much tougher, and offer better protection while keeping the same crisp and clean look that the current domes offer.    


As a result, we've had to rework our production and workflow to adapt. Through this, we've experienced several delays as we work to get it right, delivering the best possible product we can (before we think of another improvement).  

At this time, we're happier with the domes but this has increased our production time by 85%. We will be figuring out a solution behind the scenes, but till then, if you placed an order between mid Oct and Nov 1st, and don't receive an update by Nov 4, please contact us for status. 


Thank you!

Team DawgTag